Multi Arcade Machines in Popular Media | Dream Arcades

Dream Arcades® in the media!

Dream Arcades® has been featured on numerous television stations, websites, in magazines & newspapers. Here are few of the many media spotlights featuring our multi arcade machine systems. Stay up to date on our latest arcade news features below!

Catch our Vision 29 home arcade system on Spike TV with iJustine.

Check out our Cabaret video arcade cabinets on Mark at the Movies.

Matt Bean of Spike TV shows off our cocktail arcade table on The Playbook.

Dream Arcades® and our cocktail arcade table was featured on the syndicated NBC program TechNow.

Playboy Magazine

Dream Arcades'® Dreamcade® 3-sided home arcade cabinet was featured in the March issue of Playboy Magazine. Check out the article as well as our new pre-built arcades.

Redbook Magazine

Dream Arcades® appears in the May issue of Redbook magazine. Our side-by-side home arcade systems are featured as the toy every guy is obsessed with.


"If Ikea made arcade cabinets, it'd be this. The Dream Arcade® definitely fits the bill as a consumer arcade machine alternative."

New York Times

"But where do you put the quarters?", was the title of an article in the New York Times extolling the features of our multi-game upright cabaret video arcade cabinet.

Retro Blast is the most respected Retro review site on the internet. Both our side-by-side and head-to-head arcade gaming systems received their highest honor, Retroblast Recommended. Check out the review of one of our home arcade cabinets.

The Octane 120 arcade gaming system comes with dual beer taps and a ten foot screen making it the best Driving arcade available. It was on CNBC's Tech Check.