Patch Notes

Dream Arcades Automatic Update

Standard Update System Status: Online
Preview Program System Status: Online

Patch Notes

System Version 3.95 (Currently in opt-in preview program):
-Fix for Taito Legends packs for customers who upgraded from older Windows PCs to a Windows 10 model.
-Updates to several games in the Dream Arcades Casino, Slots, Casual, and Strategy games.
-Improved default controls for light gun games downloaded through the Add New Games search tool.
-Dream Pinball 3D now automatically resets its settings on locked arcades when started.
-Fixed control issue in several Capcom Classics games that made it harder to continue play after a game over. -Improved startup process for Q-Bert, Golden Tee Golf, Burger Time, Moon Patrol, and Time Crisis games. -Fixed Golden Tee Golf multiplayer settings. -SNES emulator updated for better game support.

System Version 3.92 (6/16/2022):
-Improved the control reprogramming tool to prevent some possible program hangs.
-Burger Time controls updated to better match the menu listing.
-Golden Tee Golf launch process updated to prevent possible issues with light guns.
-Dragon's Lair and Space Ace games have settings updated to minimize the emulated "LaserDisc seek" blank screens.

System Version 3.91 (10/11/2021):
-Menu now offers a "Sort by Genre" option.
-Disabled some unnecessary on screen display messages for games on load.
-Burger Time fixed to not sometimes start paused.
-Added support for Retro Reload search result formatting changes.
-Pandora and Spotify added to the Media sub-menu.
-The Menu Lock Toggle utility has been updated to fix an issue with loading the currently active setting.
-Fixed a potential conflict between Street Fighter Alpha 2 and light guns.

System Version 3.89 (8/6/2021):
-If unzipping software was not previously included on the arcade, it will be installed with this update to help facilitate updates.
-Improved on-screen keyboard support for the Wireless Network tool.
-Street Fighter specific game packs now all go into a singular "Street Fighter" sub-category.
Note: this does not include the versions of Street Fighter found in the Capcom Classics Collection.

-The enhanced editions of Dragon's Lair 1 and Space Ace can now be added to the menu by running a setup file found at "C:\arcade_util\DL SA enhanced setup\setup.bat".
This is not automatically run as it adds additional menu entries to the arcade with much longer loading times.

-Improves support for Dreamcast and Playstation 1 games.
Playstation disc files can be placed in the "C:\roms\PSX\" folder for standard Playstaion 1 gameplay, "C:\roms\psx_4player\" to enable multi-tap support for the game, or "C:\roms\psx_analog\" to have the joystick work as an analog stick for games that require the Dualshock controller.
Dreamcast disc files can be placed in "C:\roms\dreamcast\" to add them to the menu.
-The Dream Arcades Menu now plays a sound effect when it first launches every boot. This can be toggled by going to "Settings > Start-up Sound Toggle" in the menu.

System Version 3.83 (4/30/2021):
-Fix for some menu layouts missing a "Downloaded Games" menu option.
-Improved game closing scripts for several game packs.
-Piko Games pack games that don't support save states no longer try to load them.
-Games downloaded through Retro Reload that use some speech audio chips now use an alternate emulator for better support.
-NES Zapper games downloaded through Retro Reload are now pre-configured to better support light guns.

System Version 3.80 (2/10/2021):
-Updated the Dream Arcades Game Store files.
-The light gun game Gunslinger menu entry has been fixed.
-Fix for missing Total Carnage menu entry on 4 player cocktail Dreamcades.

-Bug with locked menus causing crashes fixed.

-Fixed trackball functionality in downloaded arcade games on 4 player cocktail Dreamcades.
-Resolved a conflict between the Gauntlet Legends game pack and Marvel vs Capcom 2 pack where the controls in Marvel vs Capcom 2 could end up scrambled.
-Updated Amiga game launcher used in the Piko Games pack.

-Improved USB install drive functionality for arcades with multiple additional drives.

-Fixed a bug with scrolling through the menu using the trackball. The menu will now properly jump to the first game starting with the letter in the alphabet selected.

-Fixed a required file for the Dream Arcades Game Store.

-Mortal Kombat 2 missing entry fix for bug introduced in previous revision.
-Adds support for easier game add-on pack installation after purchase. Insert the USB drive included with an order and reboot the arcade to be brought to a menu option to install all of the included games.

-Neo Geo game packs now all support free play mode by default.

-Updated games list files between models of arcades.
-Amiga emulator updated.
-Additional Playstation 1 emulators added for optional game packs and planned compatability improvements.
-Space Ace launch fix for certain models of computers.

-Alternate MAME version now included with all arcades for planned compatability improvements.

-Menu fixed to prevent removing entries that should never be removed.
-Locked variations of menu lists fixed.
-Fixed an issue that could cause House of the Dead 2 to be hidden in the menu.

-Midway Arcade Treasures 2 now has separate menu entries for each game in the pack. NOTE: Some games require choice of one or two player mode in the menu before launch.
-Amiga game closure improved.
-Sega Genesis menu entry for downloaded games fixed.
-Alien Storm control listing fixed.
-Vision 40 controls fixed for Gauntlet and other preinstalled games with three or more players.

-Fixed Sega Genesis system settings for games from Retro Reload.
-Commodore64 games in Piko Games pack fixed to exit more reliably.
-Way of the Exploding Fist in Piko Games pack set to 2 player.
-Fix for ROMs manually added to the arcade not appearing in the menu.
-HBO Max added to the media sub-menu.
-Console systems now use the side pinball/coin drop buttons for Select. Previously this was set to the lighted blue button, meaning player 2 didn't have access to it.
-Improved WWF Wrestlemania startup and closure.

-Updated and improved menu functionality.
-Fixed duplicate Area 51 entry error. Only affected some arcades.
-Q-bert launch compatibility between older and newer arcades.
-Dream Arcades Games launch compatibility between older and newer arcades.
-Smash TV on Vision 40 two player mode fixed.
-Dream Buck Hunter added to the Dream Arcades game section in addition to being under light gun games.
-Menu launch script improved. Now runs hidden.
-Improved default control support for dual stick arcade games downloaded through the Retro Reload search tool. Games may still require some additional configuration for some actions.
-Fix for bug with Missile Command switching between trackball buttons and player 1 buttons.
-Fix for Tempest reversed direction issue with spinner.

-Blue Spheres controls changed for easier startup. Press coin drop followed by player 1 Start button to begin playing.
-Casino and Slots "system" set up for all casino games to be sorted by.
-PC Game "system" created for some games to be sorted by.
-Konami's Castlevania and Contra pack changed from arcade grouping to NES.
-Dream Arcades Light Gun games entries updated.
-Updated entry and snapshot for Monkey Runner.
-Legacy games entry file added for older game support.
-Menu listings updated for various fixes. Also includes previously not listed machines like DOS, PC Games, Casino and Slots.
-Music Player option added under settings. This is in addition to the ability to hold the green lighted button for on screen.
-Menu logging improved. Now logs errors passed to it by MAME or other sub-programs.
-Fixed Last Bounty Hunter screen shot.
-Fixed SNES controls for MAME when launched through the menu. Uncommonly used outside of Piko pack.
-Mega Man X Collection controls updated.

Adobe Flash has reached its end of life and no longer functions. Several of our games used the Adobe Flash Player to run and have been disabled until an alternative is found.
Baccarat (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Blackjack (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Craps (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Keno (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
777 (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Mechanical Slots (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Super Slots (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Vintage Slots (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)
Wild Slots (Dream Arcades Casino and Slots pack)

System Version 3.66 (8/31/2020):
-Commodore 64 games included in the Piko Games pack now close more reliably.
-Fixed control bindings for four player games in MAME.
-Added an alternate credit combination for MAME for players 3 and 4 on Vision 40 arcades: press the white player Start button at the same as the bottom right action button.

-Sonic Labyrinth in the Sonic Mega Collection has had its controls fixed
-WWF Wrestlemania control compatibility issue with light guns or the Golden Tee Golf pack fixed.

-All Sega game pack games support holding Exit to close if they don't close with a single press.
-Exit to Windows auto selection bug fixed in the Settings sub-menu.
-Fixed the "By System" only listing option to show the original Dream Arcades games that don't belong to any retro system or arcade.
-Big Buck Hunter Pro launch improved to make sure it properly goes full screen.
-Dragon's Lair and Space Ace games now have the cursor move offscreen automatically in case the cursor was showing on screen.
-Fix for SNES based games in the Piko Pack launching and closing.
-Quick Assist desktop shortcut added for optional remote assistance in support.
-Commodore 64 games in the Piko Pack now support save states and load past the initial Commodore loading process.
-Amiga games in the Piko Pack have had their menu entries improved, along with the launch and close processes.

-Some games have had their close process improved to prevent errors where they would not completely exit, or would sometimes close the menu if Exit was pressed repeatedly.
-Bug with the Favorites feature has been fixed. Default games should now be able to be favorited.
-Resolution fix for Midway Arcade Treasures 2, Hoyle Casino 2006, Hoyle Card Games, and Hoyle 3D Casino packs on Vision 32 and Vision 40 model arcades.

-Fix for Space Pinball controls
-Additional pre-configured alternate listing files.
-Disney+ now included in the Media sub-menu, along with snapshots for all entries.
-Menu lock toggling software now included on all arcades. Location is C:\arcade_util\menu lock toggle\.
-Included in the folder is a readme file for basic instructions. It is suggested that any arcade in a public location is locked after being set up.
-To fully lock the arcade, we also suggest hiding the Windows desktop icons in addition to running the lock itself.

-A general overhaul of the menu has occurred.
-List system for the menu, includes a lot of behind the scenes changes that should eventually help prevent bugs or other issues with the menu.
-Default menu listing has the menu broken down by groups like "Games by Pack", "Games by System", "All Games", and "Light Gun Games" (if light gun was ordered). The "All Games" entry is most like the older menu style that had one long list of games, though going to Arcade under the "Games by System" is another similar option.
-Atari pack's Atari 2600 games support has improved. Menu entries improved and several games with non-joystick controls have had their controls improved. All games have controls listed in the menu now.

-Additional games received the closing process update.

-Improvements to many games closing to prevent errors. Games that don't close with a single press of the exit button now allow for holding the red Exit button to close.
-Golden Tee Golf snapshot updated

-Golden Tee Golf launch process improved
-Settings Backup folders for some game packs created. These are Namco, Midway Arcade Treasures 1, Activision Anthology, and Capcom Classics Volume 1