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High Quality Home Arcade
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Our entry level arcade features the same software and controls as our more expensive machines. It can be purchased as a Kit (out of stock) or pre-assembled. It's a quality arcade with approx. 5/8” (15mm) MDF melamine instead of the 3/4” (18mm) used on most of our other arcades. It uses a low-voltage power supply and 2-watt speakers suitable for home or small office use.
Description :

A pre-built quality arcade, not a cheap kids toy!

Our high quality video arcade machines comes pre-installed with arcade and console game packs, including over 240 licensed games, plus you can easily add thousands more. The custom menu on our multi-game arcade machines are simple enough for the youngest kids to enjoy.

Just put this arcade together using simple-to-follow instructions and you will be playing it in no time.

Lifetime warranty on controls. One year parts & labor on all other components.

Comes with Dream Arcades best in class chat, e-mail, ticket, remote control, and phone support!

Magic Arcade Details:
  • Full-sized. high quality arcade cabinet, not a miniature kids toy.
  • Full, 6-button layout with the exact same controls found in commercial arcades.
  • Integrated, flush-mount trackball, even works as a mouse in Windows.
  • 21.5 inch wide-angle view HD monitor.
  • Authentic, laminated control panel overlay and lightning themed side art.
  • Includes Intel J4125 running 2.7Ghz, CPU with Windows 10.
  • Windows PC based menu system plays everything from 2600, to SNES, to Dreamcast Consoles.
  • Plays thousands of arcade and console games with our exclusive Retro Reload software.
Every Dream Arcade® MAME arcade cabinet includes
all the following titles, plus you can add even more:
Atari® Game Pack
  • Asteroids®
  • Asteroids Deluxe®
  • Battlezone®
  • Black Widow™
  • Centipede®
  • Crystal Castles®
  • Gravitar®
  • Liberator™
  • Lunar Lander™
  • Major Havoc™
  • Millipede™
  • Missile Command®
  • Pong®
  • Red Baron™
  • Super Breakout®
  • Space Duel™
  • Tempest™
  • Warlords®
Namco Museum® Pack
  • PAC-MAN®
  • MS. PAC-MAN®
  • Rally-X®
  • Xevious®
  • Mappy®
Check out how simple our MAME arcade cabinet is to setup and play.
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Shipping and handling for this arcade gaming system is only $495 anywhere in the continental USA.
Delivery inside front door or garage only (no steps). Delivery up stairs or down stairs is an additional fee.
Liftgate delivery included at no extra charge, some destinations may take longer than 5 days.

Dream Arcades uses custom designed Windows 10 PC's in all of our systems for best in class performance.
All arcades come with a lifetime warranty on the controls, and a one year parts and labor warranty.

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