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Quality Construction

At Dream Arcades, Inc. our focus is on quality and customer service. Our home arcade systems are built to standup to rigorous use, while at the same time remaining easy to dismantle. This ensures that your home arcade system is built to last, giving years of trouble free use, but in the unlikely even that you do have an issue, it will be easy to diagnose and send back only the defective part. We stand behind the quality of every arcade game machine for sale on this website.

The Inside Scoop

Our home arcade systems are built with only top quality arcade parts, including the Ultimarc IPAC arcade system. All the Ultimarc arcade controls used in our arcade systems have been tested to withstand at least 1 million cycles, ensuring that they will provide years of reliable use.

Our controller interface board is the industry acclaimed Ultimarc IPAC arcade system. Specifically, we use the Mini-PAC, which is designed for OEM applications. Ultimarc IPAC arcade systems have been the leader in arcade controller interfaces for over 4 years. The IPAC arcade controller offers 28 inputs which means there are several extra inputs available if a customer should ever wish to add additional functionality. An IPAC arcade can be fully programmed via DOS or GUI software, which is included with every Dream Arcade. The IPAC arcade system provides the customer the ability to completely reconfigure the controls in our home arcade systems.

More than Outer Beauty

Yes, our IPAC arcade systems look beautiful, but there’s more too them than just good looks. Our home arcade systems are built with ¾ inch medium density fiberboard, which is sturdier than ordinary particle board. They are covered with a thick layer of melamine. This is not the same material used in cheap office furniture, but a much thicker layer designed for industrial use. Melamine is used in store counters and high-end commercial office furniture.

The cabinet can be easily assembled or dismantled thanks to its cam and post system. This design feature allows the arcade system to be assembled in a matter of minutes. It also allows for parts to be easily removed and replaced if damaged, without having to incur the high costs of shipping the entire unit back to us.

Even though we offer unbelievably low prices on our arcades we still use top quality parts. Our tabletops are made from durable 1/8 inch acrylic, which is much stronger than glass and more scratch resistant than Lexan. Our cabinets use high quality locking casters, that are designed to carry several times the weight of the table, making moving the unit easy even in thick carpet.

The Dream Arcades® Difference

Unlike other arcade builders Dream Arcades® is an arcade manufacturer. We do not build our home arcade cabinets one at a time in a shop. We do not offer dozens of different color options or configurations. The IPAC arcade cabinets for sale here are built on an assembly line in large quantities. Dream Arcades® does not offer full customization services.

This saves hundreds of dollars on every arcade system we build, which we pass directly to the consumer. This also allows us to focus on quality and craftsmanship. We realize that many of our customers may wish to customize their home arcade systems after purchase. We have kept this in mind during the development and manufacturing process. Our arcade system is easy to open and dismantle. They include Ultimarc IPAC programmable controllers and high-end computers that can easily be upgraded with new software or hardware.