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Here are some actual, unsolicited customer comments on our multi-game home arcade systems. Read our home arcade reviews below, and contact us to submit your own arcade machine reviews!

I purchased the Stand up Cabaret game over a year ago and just wanted to say that there is not enough hours in the day to play this thing as much as I want. It was worth every penny. So far I play about 30 of the games it came with constantly, and there are a lot more I want to play but haven't had the time to learn them, but I will. I have also added about 25 other games to it with MAME, and will continue to add more as time goes on……I totally recommend this unit to anyone who loves classic arcade games, people who grew up back when you had to go to an Arcade to play video games, even my nieces and nephews love the thing and they weren’t around waaay back when the games where created…..Anyway LOVE the game….CANT GET ENOUGH. -Dave K. OR

My Dreamcade® was so easy to use that before I even read the manual my kids had already started playing it! -Samuel J. CA

You folks are the best. Delivery was great and the driver was very helpful. You folks built a great machine. We couldn't be happier. -Fred E.

My kids love to play our arcade and because it has 4-players there's no, wee almost no, fighting. My husband was even able to add additional games. Thanks so much... -Mary K. UT

I was just about to shoot you a note, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It looked great, we did a whole segment just on the arcade system, super cool. A Definite must have for your Man Cave. It was the highlight of the shoot, we will be in touch thanks again! -Dennis L. SpikeTV

Hi there! I received my stand-up arcade system last month and am enjoying it very much. A very solid cabinet! Works great! -Dave B. TX

Hello, first of all let me just say how happy I have been with your product. I purchased a side by side cocktail kit a little less than a year ago and I must say that it is one amazing product. It is so much fun to play on and people are amazed with it. It truly is a great product. Thank you so much for your help and input i really appreciate it. You guys really run a great business, you actually care about your customers. -Chris P.

I received the kit and just finished it last night. WOW! I have to say that the completed arcade looks much better than I expected. It is beautiful! Completely professional. Whoever designed it did a great job. And the control panel works great as well. I thought it would take me a few tries to get it working correctly, but once I hooked up the computer, it worked correctly the first time I turned everything on. -David M. WI

Mike, thank you for all the help. You guys are really the single best company I have ever dealt with. Rest assured that we will be doing more business in the near future.. -Chris S. GA

Everyone that sees it just loves it! We had a large group over for a party before going to see Jimmy Buffet last week, and the Juke Box feature was great for that. I think I'd really like the racing arcade too, but my (wife) isn't so enthusiastic about making that purchase, ha ha. Thanks. -Ryan M. TX

Received my arcade yesterday and spent an hour or two putting it together. It is really a work of art!! You all do awesome work and make assembly as simple as making Mac and Cheese. Thank you so much for the great product and professional service. Now all of my friends are going to want to get one and I will definitely point them in your direction. I would be more than happy to be a reference for anyone who wants testimonials about you guys, your machine and your service. -Andrew "Extremely Satisfied Customer" F. AR

The cabinet is fantastic! Was a breeze to put together. Great quality. My co-workers are drooling. Thanks for everything. -Bernie W. CA

Love the arcade. Please pass that message along to the team. Thanks again for everything. ...I have been playing all night! Kerry T.

Awesome job on the cabinet. I received all four boxes yesterday, and had a blast putting the cabinet together. Holy cow, it looks awesome. I love it! Very honest and sincere. Will do business with again. -Christian S. AZ

Hello. I have a one year old 3 sided cocktail table. Everything is great! can I add a the trackball you offer? Thank you in advance and keep up the good work! -Peter B. UT

This is a great addition for any gameroom. It's a great cabinet. Was a lot of fun to put together... -Chris F. MI

Just wanted you to know the cabinet got her fine without any damage. Looks beautiful! -Anthony V. VA

No problem getting table together or system setup. Instructions were clear and easily understood. ...I couldn't be happier with my purchase--the table is actually a x-mas present for my girlfriend who is an novice 80-90's arcade enthusiast. I feel very comfortable saying that its OK to use me as a reference (for future customers) if needed. -Henry M. TN

We played the arcade for the first time yesterday and the kids really love it. Thank you. -Chris B. UT

...We got the arcade and we love it. - Jan & Andy F. CA

GREAT deal and FAST shipping - You can trust Mike & Dream Arcades®!! -Charles S. CT

Mike, I am very pleased with the arcade and you and your company are awesome. One of my co-workers wants to get one now... this is a kick ass game when playing a one player game!! You guys ROCK! -Brian J. MN

The arcade is awesome and my son loves it! I do really love the arcade and would love to add some more games. Thanks again. -Mike G.

First of all, i purchased a "head to head" table second hand recently, and this thing is AWESOME. Is it possible for me to purchase an "add on kit" to convert this table into a 3-sided table? Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, and keep up the GREAT work!!! -Jason H. CA

Outstanding communication, follow-up and professionalism. I definitely recommend. -Murry G. GA

...your product is a sight to behold. The quality is unbelievable and the cabinet truly is awesome when everything is installed. It is an absolute joy to use this thing. I must say that this cabinet rocks. I love it so much. Everyone I show it too is in awe of its beauty and might. It truly is an awesome product. Thank you so much. -Chris P. RH

Fast shipment, quality product, great support. I highly recommend. -Harry B. GA

I got my new cocktail table, 4-person Dream Arcade® today and was very please(d) with the shipping & delivery. The game is awesome... I love the machine! -Phil T. TN

Just wanted to let you know that the arcade table arrived yesterday. The driver was very nice and everything was in perfect condition. I took the day off work and got it all assembled and working. I love it so far! -Bob L. PA

Just received my cocktail table on Tuesday! Love it! You da man! You and your wife are the best to work with. If you ever get to Colorado, let me know. Dinner is on me. -Mike O. CO

We have one of your arcade machines and we really love it! Thank you! -Erica C. TX

Thanks so much for the wonderful cabinet. It was a snap to put together. ...I'm very happy with the cabinet and controls Fast shipping, trustworthy and great communication. If you ever make a run of upright cabinets please let me know. -Dr. Mark L. MN

Great cabinet, can't believe everything fit! Don't build your own, buy this! -Robert L. IL

I received my game cabinet yesterday, and couldn't be happier. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of construction. Thank for the help and your awesome product! -Tom S. SC