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Dream Arcades® Donation Request Form

As part of our continuing commitment to the communities we serve Dream Arcades® is pleased to give a portion of its proceeds to charities. This form is for charitable organizations that wish to be considered for our charity arcade gaming systems program and is only for arcade kit and multi-game arcade system donations.  We do not accept solicitations for cash donations, which are only given to organizations we have an ongoing relationship with. We only donate charity arcade machines through this form.

Please fill out the form for our charity arcade gaming systems program as completely as possible. Please note that currently Dream Arcades is only accepting requests from Children's Charities, such as Children's Hospitals, and Youth Centers. Also, due to ongoing commitments with other organizations we do NOT accept any requests for arcade machine auctions, unless you can arrange for celebrity or athlete signatures, which increase the auction value of our MAME arcade machines.

Name of your organization:
Your Full Name:
E-mail address:
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Phone number:
Are you a registered charity?
You are not required to be a registered charity to apply.
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Are you a religious organization?
Both religious and non-religious organizations are welcome to apply.
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Are you open to accepting a refurbished or scratch/dented unit?
These may be customer exchanges, floor models, etc., but will all be in excellent condition.
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Reason for request:
What will the arcade be used for?
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This form is not encrypted. If you are not able to submit a charity arcade form please copy and paste into an e-mail and send it to: and we'll get back to you about donating one of our MAME arcade machines.