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Dreamcade® Vision 120
Our newest arcade can be purchased with a 32" LCD, projector or as a standalone unit that connects to your current TV. Over 200 games, plus you can add your own. Just plug it in, mount the monitor in and start playing (monitor shipped in separate box ensures it fits through any doorway). Includes a built-in MP3 music jukebox.
Save $500, plus get three great add-ons for $600 total savings!

Order today & we'll include our Classic Clone pack at no charge.

Hurry sale ends: 11/12

Monitor stand requires some assembly.

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Light gun not included.

Now includes free Dream Arcades overlay.
Dreamcade Vision 120 with 32" LCD 
Complete system with 32" LCD and stand. Comes with 145 games, plus you can add your own. Monitor and stand require some assembly.

Dreamcade Vision 120 with No Display
Vision 32, complete except this unit comes without the Monitor or stand. Can be used with your own wall mounted display or projector.
$1999 $2499  
Upgrades and Accessories    
Add a Turbo Twist 2 Spinner 
Turbo Twist 2 spinner with black dimple knob and energy storage cylinder. Great for games like Tempest, Warlords and Super Breakout. Please note: this upgrade may add to your shipping time.
3-inch lighted trackball  
Upgrade your 2 1/4 inch trackball to a lighted 3 inch trackball, available in blue or white (white is not lighted). Please note: this upgrade will add approximately 1 week to your shipping time.
Custom button colors
Change the color of your buttons. We offer black, red, blue, green, yellow and white. Please note: this upgrade may add approximately 1 week to your shipping time.
Wireless-N Networking Adaptor
Add a Wireless-B/G/N adaptor to your arcade for easier networking (note a wired adaptor is included at no charge).
Namco 2 Game pack
Includes the following games: Dig Dug® Galaga® Galaga 88® Galaxian® Sky Kid® Dragon Spirit® Bosconian® Rolling Thunder®
Pac-land® Pole Position® Pole Position II® Sale price.
$99 $79
      Classic Clone Arcade pack
Includes clones of great arcade games like Donkey Kong & Frogger that aren't available. These games have slightly different graphics and sounds, but nearly identical game play. Included at no cost.
$35 FREE
Taito Legends Arcade pack
The Taito Legends arcade pack includes 29 classic arcade games. This package may includes an external drive.
$129 $99
Taito Legends 2 Arcade pack
The Taito Legends 2 arcade pack includes 39 classic arcade games. This package may includes an external drive. Introductory price.
      Microsoft Pinball Arcade pack
Includes 7 classic pinball tables, all compatible with your Dreamcade. Included at no cost.
 $39 FREE
Golden Tee Golf arcade pack
Add the original Golden Tee Golf to your arcade.
Dream Arcades is not affiliated with Incredible Technologies or its Golden Tee line of arcades; all support for this add-on pack is
provided by Dream Arcades.
$149 $129
      Light Gun Pack
Comes with Light Gun and 10 games: Chicken Hunter, Cheyenne, Crossbow, Crackshot, Clay Pigeon, Combat, Hit and Miss, Showdown, Who Dunit, Yukon and 21 other classic games   
Call to order
House of the Dead III 
Use with Light gun or Trackball. Includes House of the Dead III and video accelerator.
Sale price.
$89 $69
Big Buck Hunter Arcade Pack
Great Light gun games includes Big Buck Hunter, Big Buck Hunter 2, Big Buck Hunter Shooter's Challenge, Big Buck Hunter Call of the Wild.  Sale price.
$69 $59
      Street Fighter Pack
Includes the original Street Fighter® as well as Street Fighter II® Championship Edition.
FREE $39
      Casino and Slots Pack
Enjoy over 150 video poker and slot machines; walk around a virtual casino.  Sale price.
FREE $39
Ships in 1-2 weeks.  
Check out how simple our arcades are to setup and play.
Every Dream Arcade includes all the following titles, plus you can add even more:
Atari® Game Pack
Asteroids Deluxe®
Black Widow™
Crystal Castles®
Lunar Lander™
Major Havoc™
Missile Command®
Red Baron™
Super Breakout®
Space Duel™
Midway® Game Pack
Spy Hunter®
Defender II®
Joust 2®
Robotron 2084®
Smash TV®
Marble Madness®
Satan's Hollow®
Root Beer Tapper®

Namco Museum® Pack

Digital Leisure Pack
Dragon's Lair®
Dragon's Lair II®
Space Ace®

- Plus 60
Atari 2600 games
And Free Additional add-on packs
All titles are trademarks of Atari®, Digital Leisure, Midway®, Namco®, or Capcom®.  

Cabinet Details:

  • High Quality CNC machined cabinet

  • New 32 inch LCD monitor

  • Adjustable monitor stand included

  • Lockable access door

  • PC based arcade, so you can easily add additional titles

  • Lighted utility buttons & 2 1/4" trackball

  • Complete ready to play arcade, just setup the monitor stand 

  • Side-pinball buttons and hidden keyboard shelf

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You'll never even know there's a PC inside!
Plug it in and you are ready to go!  
We offer free e-mail and second level phone support!

Any questions, just e-mail


Built-in menu shows how
to play each game.


Shipping times vary during the Holiday season.
Shipping and handling is only $359 anywhere in the continental USA.
Liftgate delivery included at no extra charge.

Dream Arcades uses only Microsoft Certified refurbished systems & come with a 6 month warrantee.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Delivery inside front door or garage only. Delivery up stairs is an additional fee.


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