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About us

In 2002, Dream Arcades®, LLC setup shop in the garage of our founder’s home. Since that time we have focused on development of low cost, high quality video arcades for home use.

We have setup strategic alliances with millworks, parts vendors and software companies to offer our customers the lowest cost arcades possible while still maintaining the quality and functionality required to produce an authentic arcade experience at home.

Our video arcades meet high quality standards and each unit goes through a rigorous series of tests that take several days to complete.

Experience The Dream Arcades® Difference

Unlike other arcade builders we are an arcade manufacturer. We do not build our tables one at a time in a shop. Dream Arcades® does not offer dozens of different color options, configurations or full customization services.

Our tables are built on an assembly line in large quantities. This saves hundreds of dollars on every table we build, which we pass directly to the consumer. This also allows us to focus on quality and craftsmanship.

We realize that many of our customers may wish to customize their arcades after purchase we have kept this in mind during the development and manufacturing process. Our tables are easy to open and dismantle, include custom programmable controllers and high-end computers that can easily be upgraded with new software or hardware.

Check out how simple our arcades are to setup and play.

Our team from left to right: Michael Ware, Randy, Nick, Ryan, Ben, Kevin, Matthew & Michelle Ware.

Visit our retail location

Dream Arcades® is glad to have customers stop by and visit our factory. You can take a look at our arcades and even play a few of your favorite video games.

We are located at:
11415 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite 9
Rancho Cordova CA, 95742

We are typically open from 9:30am-5pm Mon. - Fri. However, our hours vary, so it is best to call or e-mail us ahead, just to make sure someone will be around. Customers are also welcome to pickup their orders.

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